CoffeeThe Cinnamon Review…What does that mean? It’s movie connoisseuring (New word). Now what does that mean? Simple, it is an innovative, novel approach on movie reviewing. Watching films is a lot like tasting wine or coffee. Well…actually…I take that back. Nowadays Hollywood seems to be shoving down milkshakes, fries, and 1 pound burgers down its audiences’ throat (G.I. Joe, Transformers, etc.), but you get the idea. Movie watching is like tasting food. Some movies are salty, others bittersweet, and most sour. Like filmmaking this movie reviewer is going to take different angles on the same story. From grading on cinematography to story development. From a biblical perspective to the director’s implied philosophy. From complex analysis to simple rating, the Cinnamon Reviewer hopes to give readers a humorous anecdote on the most recent movies and also to supply opinions about them. Now there are of course, several hundred…ok…thousands! of movie reviewers and I am just one. So why read mine? Well honestly I don’t think my review is for everyone because not everyone may like my taste in movies and that’s ok! No hard feelings…Honestly just read one of my reviews and see what ya think. I figured I’d also give a list of my favorite movies to give you an idea about my taste is like.

Going for the number one spot is…..drum roll goes here…. Dances with Wolves!

Going for best action is…..The Bourne Ultimatum.

Going for best romance is…Twilight! NOT!!!! The Notebook….

Going for best comedy…. Dan in Real Life

Hopefully that gave you an idea about my taste. I will be breaking movie critic code here because I am not going to use the traditional five star rating system. Instead I will be giving the movie a food description that will straight up tell you whether I thought it was good, should-da-been video release, or bad. For a quick example. “Liver and Onions” would be bad…real bad. No offense if that is your favorite dish. On the other hand “Surf N Turf” would be the fine dining of movie watching. And don’t worry I’m not like Robert Ebert where star number five was held for the impossible. Note: He was a pretty good critic in my opinion. Enjoy the review!



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