Depth of Field

Biblical InsightsFilmmaking is art. What is art then? Art is an expression, an expression of one’s personality, beliefs, perception, philosophy, or even their subconscious reactions to the world around them. Movies all have a world belief system fixed into the fictional or non-fictional world. They all reflect the beliefs, perception, personality, and philosophy of the producers, screenplay writers, directors, and even the actors. These Biblical Insight articles are meant to analyze the movie and find the underlying philosophies and themes that permeate the story and its characters. You see movies are much more than just entertainment. It is a professional arena where philosophies battle and vie for the love of the people. Movies like Avatar, Star Wars, Interstellar, Exodus: Gods and Kings, and The Hobbit have major philosophies and belief systems suspended in the story arc. Its what makes a story a story. My articles though will address them and measure them against God’s Word. My measuring stick is the Bible. You see there are so many parallels between today’s movies and the timeless truths of the Word of God even if some directors or producers do not intentionally mean to do it.

All in all, I hope to provide some tools and insight into watching movies in a different way. Millions of people pay money to give two hours of their day to hearing the story of some director, writer, or producer. They are saying, “I’m listening.” They get two hours to present their selves, their likes, their beliefs, and their philosophies. Critically thinking about the themes of a movie can sharpen your mind, especially when it is measured against the counsel of the Word of God which is the only absolute word of truth.

Note: In order to find the Depth of Field articles, look for an article with the above picture of a book over it. That pic is the official Depth of Field emblem.


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