About the Review

thinking-above-the-fold-web-designThe Cinnamon Movie Review is an innovative approach to reviewing and appreciating the art of film with a community of fellow bloggers. This review will provide basic movie reviews on many of the latest box office hits, in-depth articles covering the background philosophies and biblical approaches to movies, opinion pieces about the modern trend of filmmaking, and weekly soundtrack picks and quotes. To learn more about the Connoisseur approach of the Cinnamon Review and the Biblical Insight articles, you can find them under their proper page names. I also will be posting opinion and discussion articles concerning the latest trends in filmmaking and anything pretty much about the art of filmmaking. Below though I have provided different review venues that will be showing up in this blog. This is for organizational reasons and also to better help direct you to the article that you are looking for.

Classic Reviews

These reviews can be of under its genre category such as romance, action, adventure, etc. and they will be over any latest box office films that I have recently viewed. The classic review is comprised off the connoisseur approach, a star rating, and basic analysis.

Biblical Insights

This review is found under the category of biblical insights and provide an in-depth analysis of the philosophy behind the film as well as any biblical applications that can be found.

Back-Burner Movies

These reviews will probably come once every month or so. These reviews use the classic approach in analyzing and mentioning a good recent film that was not offered as much marketing as a box office movie. Some may even be movies that just received a dvd releasing.

Christian Movie Reviews

Unlike what many people think, there is a continually growing venue of Christian dvd movies out there and so many to choose from. Sometimes its a hit or miss when you buy one and rarely can you rent one sometimes (unless you got a fancy Christian movie online account thingy ma jig). Anyhow I will be posting reviews of Christian movies that I believe are good and worth watching. It can save you trouble from trying to look for the good ones and encourage you to support Christian filmmakers and be able to watch more of their films.

Two Sense Articles

These articles will be opinion and discussion articles concerning the latest trends in filmmaking and any thing concerning the technicalities of certain films and marketing.


Every now and then I will be posting voting polls for fun concerning different movies, soundtracks, etc.


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