Jurassic World



Jurassic World does something totally different than any sequel or reboot has done before. It plays on the very core thread of the original film. The core thread is that they simply bring Jurassic Park back into the park. Its pretty ingenius really and this is why Jurassic World makes a much better sequel than Lost World or Jurassic Park III. Unlike the first film we actually get to see the park open to the public and well into its years of business. This gives the opportunity to see Jurassic Park come to life in  exciting and new ways that we’ve never see before. The film emphasizes a key rule for sequels, “Expand the Universe and raise the stakes!”

Alot of critics found Jurassic Park rather silly and comical to say the least, but I don’t agree at all with them. Granted, dinosaurs fighting in the park with a Starbucks as the backdrop is humorous but the idea of a dinosaur park is purely American in every way. Yes, Americans would totally do this. We crave entertainment severely and we love to exploit everything. If you think I’m crazy just look at Hollywood exploiting every darn movie franchise. Madagscar and Shrek are perfect examples. As Jeff Goldblum so famously stated, “Yeah, your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Indeed, it would seem that people would have learned from the mistakes in the first two original films but the truth is we probbaly wouldn’t. Any chance to be entertained and make money will be exploited. The food industry does it, hollywood does it, and lots of people do it. If we can make a dinosaur seaworld, I’m pretty sure we’d do it, even after seeing Jurassic Park. That’s why I find Jurassic World meatier than most critics found it. It really shows us just how hostile nature is to us. I wonder why…

Acting: The movie’s acting is solid and Chris Pratt really carries the film. He’s a fun adventure type who can crack some funny lines yet has a cool head and good wit. Bryce Dallace Howard has a good character but her relations with her nephews (the two brothers who visit the park and their Aunt) and sister is somewhat off key and strange. It is barely developed and along with the awkward divorce going on with the two boys parents, I was confused. It was severely underdeveloped and this is probably the worst flaw in the movie although it didn’t affect the plot at all. Besides the two main characters, the brothers are interesting characters (the epitome of teenager boredom and rebellion) but they don’t act all too scared enough like the kids in the first movie. All in all the acting gets a B-

Story Development: Yes! The story is a bit confusing in the beginning with jumping from park charcter to park charcater, but it starts to pick up when we meet Chris Pratt. There are numerous easter eggs in the movie pointing to the original and even possible future sequels. Jurassic World takes the original concepts but adds multi story layered surprises that create two climaxes and a surprising realization that significantly expands the Jurassic universe. There are plenty of dino vs dino battles, survival techniques, conversation action, and military fights with Dinos which makes Jurassic World a well rounded adventure movie. I must say though that the movie does tend to lean toward more the action than adventure/monster genre, but before the ship tips over the director was able to steer clear of falling into that lame category. The one thing I do wish would have been differently is the build up to seeing the park. In my opinion they should have focused on the brothers traveling to the island and then we could all feel that childhood excitement of entering Jurassic World for the first time. It would have been more magical but too bad. Instead we the park directors running it, and then the big doors open. All in all the storyline is very different from the first film, but for pure fun, fan easter eggs, and exciting climaxes, it gets **** stars.

Musical Score: Obviously the orchestrator got music happy and thought it be good to put the Jurassic  Park theme in the most awkward places in the beginning and it turn it up as loudly as possible. In my opinion they should of built it up (It would have worked had they used my brother beginning plot line). Thats what added to the exciting first half of Jurassic Park. Besides the main theme the music never caught my attention. Perhaps the story was that good. Bad though on behalf of the composer. **

Special Effects: No animatronics, but the special effects were good, maybe a little too good. They were dazzling and pumped full of color and action, but I do miss seeing Spielberg and Paul Tibbit work their magic on set with those animatronics. Nonetheless I was convinced although the raptors in the beginning looked a bit strange and off. That could have been me though. All in all it gets **** stars.

Conclusion: Jurassic World is humongo and massive in proportions, plot, and special effects. Its worth your money and it holds cinematic value like its very first predeccesor. Sure, it lacks the magic of Jurassic Park, but like any sequel it can never live up to true originality but thats expected. Logically a sequel can never be truly original. Jurassic World though gets pretty darn close because it redadopts the very original idea that made Jurassic Park fun, the dinosaur theme park. And boy is that a set up for one exciting and terrifying adventure. Amongst the disappointments of sequels, remakes, and reboots, Jurassic World stands on its own two feet and manages a good roar. It’ a jumbo dino-burger full of special effects, loads of surprises, and filled with easter eggs for old fans. It’ quite satisfying.


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